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Cheap Rs3 Gold With 8% Off Code SRM8 On Rs3gold For OSRS Mobile From Jan.26-Feb.1

Cheap rs3 gold with 8% off code SRM8 on Rs3gold for OSRS Mobile from Jan.26-Feb.1

The new quest of OSRS "Making Friends with My Arm" should be released this year in 2018. Besides, the new city of Ice Trolls "Weiss" will be updated together. And you can learn more information below.By the way,you can share the cheap rs3 gold on

When will the Making Friends with My Arm be released?
This Troll 's quest was first mentioned as an update in 2017 during RuneFest 2016, with Inferno and Fossil Islands also being announced and scheduled to be released. But at the 2017 RuneFest conference, "Making Friends with My Arm" will be launched in 2018. Hope this year could see this quest!

What's the features of the Making Friends with My Arm?
As a sequel to "My Arm’s Big Adventure", the new assignment will introduce "Weiss", a new city of the Icecrown, and involve the Wise Old Man. And you will gain access to new city and potential Firemaking benefits after completing quest.

Tips for Making Friends with My Arm
It is very likely that you will need to complete the My Arm’s Big Adventure at first , during this time please note that the last boss battle takes place in one instance so you can not get you after death Items. In the meantime, as you kill Roc, you face even more dangerous attacks on 172 Giants Rock, which uses both powerful melee and ranged attacks. It is recommended that you use the missile prayer protection and eat when needed.

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