Advice for you to share swtor credits with Members 2x reward points & 6% off from Jan.18-Jan.31
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Advice For You To Share Swtor Credits With Members 2x Reward Points & 6% Off From Jan.18-Jan.31

Advice for you to share swtor credits with Members 2x reward points & 6% off from Jan.18-Jan.31

Some roleplay guilds, usually Sith-themed guilds can be gory. Sith like their violence, right? When guild creators look over the environment they wish to create with their guild, some love the violence of the Sith Empire. I don’t really blame them; horror-themes can be fun and scary. I have participated in a few events that have been so tense and shocking that I was literally on the edge of my seat at my desk without even realizing it. And join for cheap swtor credits .

Outside of the persona of their character, most horror guild leaders are funny people and enjoy a good joke as much as they like graphic violence. It’s a strange juxtaposition, but I believe that’s one of the things that make these guilds great.

It’s been a while since I’ve personally seen a horror-themed guild in SWTOR, but clearly, there is no good way to make the horror guild into one that is acceptable for those under 18 unless you really dull the themes. I mean, I don’t want to have to be the one to explain to some kid’s parents why he can’t sleep at night.

The soap opera guild
Let me explain the soap opera guild so that people don’t believe that they are inherently bad. I’ve been a part of soap opera guilds that are have been very interesting because they not only deal with the character interactions within the guild itself but with the social-political atmosphere of the world. The Sith Empire, because of the strong structure set up by the old Star Wars canon, has some of the deepest themes that can be generated by a guild of this type.

On the surface, one could say that soap opera guilds could easily be made to accept those under 18. And I would agree with you, if not for one thing: the comfort of players over 18. Besides the legal ramifications of getting involved in a scene with sexual themes, the whole idea that the player on the other side of the avatar that is supposed to be in love with your character is “a kid” rightfully creeps most adults out.

I have not seen this subverted in SWTOR, but my daughter is old enough to be involved in roleplay, especially since she’s honing her writing skills. She has been involved in soap opera guilds with people who are about her age. Besides the writing skills of the players in these groups being very similar, there are also rules in place for sexual themes and other mature subject matters.

Variety is the spice of life, so different kinds of guilds make like more interesting. If you’re starting a guild, consider carefully why you want to put an age limit on the guild. If you “just don’t want to deal with those darn kids,” then made you should remember that life is more like high school than anything else, and you should invite based on the merit of the player, not his or her age. And join for cheap SWTOR credits.

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