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Dont Forget To Obtain Swtor Credit With Members 2x Reward Points & 6% Off On Swtor2credits Until Jan.31

Dont forget to obtain swtor credit with Members 2x reward points & 6% off on Swtor2credits until Jan.31

One of my favorite Star Wars: The Old Republic guilds, Unholy Alliance, is open to everyone. They have rules in place that make the guild friendly and fun for both adults and those under 18. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend any MMO for those under 13 that wasn’t specifically made for children unless they are accompanied by a trusted individual over 13. If you’re a guild leader, I believe it’s in your best interest to keep your guild friendly to those under 18. It gives you a greater opportunity to grow the guild, and teenagers are some of the best advocates for the game.While,never miss to buy swtor credits on Swtor2credits.

On the other hand, many guilds are 18+ and with good reason. Some have even gone so far as to say they don’t want members under 21. Granted, the guilds I’m talking about are usually roleplay guilds. In fact, SWTOR has the most 18+ guilds per capita over any other game from my perception. It’s tough to find a roleplay guild in on Star Forge that accepts players under 18. Although I don’t believe that every guild should be this way, I can understand some of the reasons why, and not all of them have to do with erotic roleplay — although that’s in there. What are the mature-themed guilds that you will find in SWTOR? And do they have to be mature-themed?
The edgelord guild
With the wide variety of personalities floating around SWTOR, you’re going to find some players who just like to be edgy. They like to say the most absurd things just to get a negative reaction from people. If you spend any time in general chat in SWTOR, you’ll find these guys making characters named xxhilterxx or something equally ridiculous. They will look for like-minded people to join them in their guilds. However, these edgelord guilds usually do not last long because those who are in charge eventually offend most of the people in the guild as well as the community.

That said, edgelords can create a stable guild sometimes, even if they end up being a bit of a revolving door. But how long the guild lasts is usually in direct relationship to how much time the guild spends in public areas. I have one on my mind right now that I will not name, but those who hang out on the Star Forge fleet know exactly who I’m talking about. The leader likes to project the image of being super powerful and displays his followers around him as he sits in one of the corner chairs.

The guild I’m talking about is an 18+ guild but could easily be made into a guild that accepts everyone with a couple of thematic changes. Perhaps I’m in the minority, but I believe that these kinds of guilds make fleet interesting. I like seeing a group of people surrounding one person, like some kind of stereotypical crime lord. If the theme were toned down a bit, maybe enforce a rule that mature scenes are handled off-screen, and the leader gives missions to the underlings that are related to learning about the game world, then it could be a wonderful starter roleplay guild.

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