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Amazing Free 600M Swtor Credit Will Be Given On Jan.17

Amazing free 600M swtor credit will be given on Jan.17

Briefly, to assess the value of each aspect of bodyguard healing I’ll break it into 5 categories; burst healing, AOE healing, sustained healing, survivability and heal DPS. While,Dont forget to gain free swtor credit on the 5.x operative healing guide for PVE that Mac wrote, he employed a very nice 3/3 system for comparative healing quality between the 3 healer classes, so I’m going to go ahead and steal that system from him and use it here (sorry Mac):

Burst healing: 3/3

Arguably the best single target burst healing class, and this is especially true post 5.3 and sorcerer healers have roaming mend healing reduced by 25%. Bodyguard merc healing is equipped with a potential ~30k single target heal ability (when it crits); healing scan. If you have supercharged gas ready to go and power surge off CD, this gigantic single target heal can be turned into an instant cast (double instant cast if you take the power surge utility) with no ability cooldown for as long as supercharged gas lasts. Not to mention the additional HoT of kolto shell if you have a full 7 stacks on your target.

AOE healing: 2/3

The AOE potential of bodyguard is pretty decent; Kolto missile and progressive scan are great AOE abilities, especially when all your group members have full stacks of kolto shells on them. The AOE healing output of bodyguardis significantly higher than sorcerer, but less than that of operative healers.

Sustained healing: 1/3

Honestly, merc healing in a sustained damage situation is not bad. But for the sake of comparison with operative and sorcerer healing, mercenary healing comes in last unfortunately.

Source: – shout out to Bant for doing the number crunching. I know these numbers are from 5.0, but even with the nerfs, sorcerers and mercs are still most likely about on par with each other so I’ve left merc healing with a 1/3 for sustained healing for now.

Survivability: 3/3

Heavy armor, 30% AOE damage reduction, heal for 40% HP with energy shield, 60% heal with kolto overload, a new reflect ability, and two great mobility cooldowns (rocket out/hydraulic override) makes mercenary by far the most survivable healer class currently.

Heal DPS (general): 2/3

As a merc you have a clear advantage for heal DPS over operative healers since all your DPS abilities are ranged, and the SWTOR developers have gone ahead and left us with electro net, unload and rail shot for some reason. Not to mention the AOE of death from above, fusion missile (AOE DoT) and sweeping blasters. However obviously there is a fight dependent nature of this advantage and in many situations operative and sorcerer heal DPS has the potential to be higher than a merc, for that reason, I’ve given merc a 2/3 for general DPS.

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