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Swtor2credits New Year Giveaway:Free 600M Swtor Cheap Credits Will Be Given On Jan.17

Swtor2credits New Year Giveaway:Free 600M swtor cheap credits will be given on Jan.17

To start with a bit of an outline of healing in general, this may seem unnecessary to state, but as a healer it’s your job to keep everyone in your team alive and help out with DPS wherever possible.For swtor fans,you can share the free swtor credits on Swtor2credits.com.Every team has its problems, and as a result you will inevitably run into unexpected damage going out and in some instances people dying to avoidable things. So as you progress as a healer and become more comfortable with your healing class, you should aim to be able to account for the inevitable human error that will occur on any number of boss encounters in a group, and try to squeeze in as much damage on the boss as you can between healing. It’s my experience that while doing Nightmare/Master mode progression, that you quite often run into a situation where either a tank or a DPS has made a mistake (lost agro, stood in a big red circle) and it’s your job to pick up the slack. So my aim in writing this guide is to help both beginner through to veteran bodyguard merc healers progress and be a valuable member of any story mode through to nightmare/master mode operations group.

Common acronyms used in this guide
CD = cooldown
DCD = defensive cooldown
GCD = global cooldown
HPS = healing per second
HoT = heal over time
DPS = damage per second
AOE = area of effect
PVE = player versus environment (essentially any encounter that is not player versus player)
NiM/MM = Nightmare/Master mode
Bodyguard healing
Bodyguard mercenary healing is, by far, my favorite class to play in this game. Bodyguard healers not only have extremely good burst healing (in response to both expected and unexpected spikes of damage), fair AOE healing and great heal DPS, but as of 5.0 merc now has 3 greatDCDs; Energy shield (heals for 40% of your health with trauma regulators utility) kolto overload (heals twice as fast, lasts 2 seconds longer and heals you to 60% with kolto surge utility), and responsive safeguards as our new reflect ability which absorbs all direct single target damage and heals you for 5% of your health for every attack absorbed. This combination makes bodyguard a more than viable healing class with great survivability in any PVE boss encounter in the game.

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