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The Boss Galvek Guide & Runescape 3 Gold With Up To $10 Cash Coupon On Rs3gold From 1.9-1.15

The Boss Galvek Guide & runescape 3 gold with up to $10 cash coupon on Rs3gold from 1.9-1.15

Two days ago, the Dragon Slayer II is released, what's your progress? there are various bosses waiting for you to defeating. Now we will give you a guide on defeating the final boss Galvek in the old school runescape, help you to complete the quest quickly.Need more runescape 3 gold on

The Boss Galvek has a strong ability. if you want to defeat him isn't so easy. The boss Galvek with Combat level 608,has 1200 hitpoints and 4 phases with 300 hitpoints per phase. Furthermore, he can use three forms of combat. His extremely powerful dragonfire can kill you. More importantly is he can launch pink dragonfire to disable all prayers on impact. So are you scared? Do not worry, here's how to defeating the final boss Galvek.

1. you should stand next to rail by Galvek, run east and west to avoid “Jad” attacks. Never run south or you will activate bombs, which are always placed in the same position and will automatically blow up after a while or if the Galvek is forced into the next phase.

2. The boss will fly to the west of boat and occasionally drain your stats, especially run energy (40%). You still need to stay near the edge of boat and run north/south to avoid "Jad" attacks.

3. Galvek will go to east side of boat and occasionally launch tsunami waves, you have to run around to avoid the attacks. (Most difficult)

4. He will go to the middle of the boat and can freeze you with the power of earth. To avoid the attack, you’d better run around Galvek clockwise or anticlockwise.

Try your better and don't be horrors. Good luck to your!

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