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Happy New Year!rs 3 Gold With Up To 9% Off On Rs3gold Until Jan.2

Happy New Year!rs 3 gold with up to 9% off on Rs3gold until Jan.2

As 2017 is coming to a close, today let is me tell you how to complete Wanted in the old school runescape. here is some guide for your, hope to help you!What's more,More the cheapest rs 3 gold or runescape 2007 gold for sale at Rs3gold,com to celebrate New Year. 

When you complete Recruitment Drive, Rune Mysteries, The Lost Tribe, Priest in Peril and gain 32 quest points, you can talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park for starting the quest. But here are two things you should pay special attention to: First, the Commorb is required during in this quest so keep it carefully, if you lost, lend one from Sir Tiffy Cashien. Second, If you kill the Black Knight before speaking to talking to Lord Daquarius, or leaving the room after the kill, or getting interrupted during the ensuring conversation, this kill won’t count.

1) Find Sir Amik Varze on the 2nd floor in the east of White Knights' Castle and talk to him.
2) Come back to Sir Tiffy and speak to him again.
3) Talk to Sir Amik again accept his mission.
4) From Sir Tiffy, get a Commorb with 10,000 coins or some supplies (a law rune, an enchanted gem and molten glass).
5) Talk to Savant via the “contact” feature on the orb.
6) Go to the Taverley Dungeon and find Black Knights’ rooms.
7) Talk to Lord Daquarius in the southwestern most room.
8) Speak to Savant.
9) Kill a Black Knight at level 33 and go through Daquarius's dialogue.
10) Go to Edgeville and talk to the Mage of Zamorak. (skip this if having done the Abyss miniquest)
11) Go to the Chaos Altar in the temple in South East Varrock and talk to the Mage twice.
12) Run to Canifis or teleport there via your Ectophial, and then wait for Savant’s calling.
13) Unveil Solus through the “scan” option of the orb near the bank.
14) Follow item clue and chase Solus many times until obtaining 20 noted pure essence.
15) After speaking to one of the teleporting mages, reach the the Rune essence mine.
16) Kill Solus and get his hat.
17) Go back to Falador and hand the hat to Sir Amik Varze.

The above is how to quickly pass the Wanted OSRS.

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