Get swtor credits with 9% off for Christmas from Dec.18-Dec.25
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Get Swtor Credits With 9% Off For Christmas From Dec.18-Dec.25

Get swtor credits with 9% off for Christmas from Dec.18-Dec.25

The first year for SWTOR was rough. Players burned through content far faster than BioWare believed they would. And they were very vocal about the issues they were having on the forum and social media. This caused BioWare to quickly look at its business model and change the game to free-to-play very quickly: less than a year after launch. The evidence that it was rushed still lingers today. I’m looking at you, purchasable quickbars. That is still one of the weirdest moves in F2P history. But despite its missteps, SWTOR F2P ushered in a rather prosperous time for the game. I like to call this the Expansion Period.for SWTOR fans,you can buy swtor gold on Swtor2credits for Christmas.

After F2P, we started to see a rather large influx of content. About every six months for the next couple of years, BioWare introduced us to an expansion of some kind. Although players would question whether additions like Galactic Starfighter and Galactic Strongholds were really worthy of being called expansions, the price point (the cost of a single month of subscription) quieted opponents’ roar to a whimper. Plus, Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan gave us story, small-group, and large-group activities. There really wasn’t a lot to argue about besides semantics.

Shadow of Revan was also the last expansion that really hit all the marks with fans. We didn’t get a new PvP map with new game rules, but we did get new arenas. Two new flashpoints were introduced for those who like to play in small groups. Raiders received two of the most challenging operations to date. And those who liked the individual class stories received new missions that were focused on class-specific content. Shadow of Revan was the pinnacle of the game post-launch.

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